About Montecatini original

Montecatini original

About Montecatini original

Montecatini original, an organic quality streety clothing brand - established in the start of 2021.

Montecatini original /Montecatini/ "Monte" was created by a combination of a big passion for street fashion and the idea to support one of our bros, who has epilepsy. We eventually came up with Montecatini original. From then till now it hasn't been a one way road, it's investment and a lot of hard work. 

We wanted more than just a "random" fashion brand. We wanted to make super high quality items and we wanted to think some environmental responsibility into it too.

That's why our items are:
1. Made form organic cotton or/and recycled polyester*
2. The ink we use is non toxic & vegan
3. We use a special technique where the ink soaks into the clothing fibers, that way the prints remain uncracked over time.
4. We only hold a small stock so that we never overproduce items.

You'll find our main figure the "Montecatini face" on several of our items. In generel our prints are minimalistic, but powerful. 

We love the idea of being a small brand. We promise you that what ever happens we will never open a flagship store on a high street. 

Montecatini was created and is runned solely by passion. We are hands deep in every process of designing, printing, shipping etc. of our items. We see every order as a blessing, and we hope you are just half as exited to receive your items as we are to prepare them for you. 

Good vibes from the Montecatini original team ✌️
If you have any questions, please start by checking the FAQ page and then feel free to contact us. The fastest and easiest way to contact us is through DM on Instagram or Tiktok.

*Unless anything else is stated.